Current Event

Locate a news article and evaluate the morality of the incident using the ethical theories covered in chapter 4.,,,, are all good sources for locating a current event. For this assignment :


Locate a news article

Provide the source, date, title of the article, author and URL

Give a summary of the article. I do not want the article copy and pasted into the post. Doing so will result in no points for the post.

Apply the concepts of virtue and vice and the proper mean of behavior. See the partial list of virtues and vices on the study guide to help you with this. Indicate whether an action supports or violates virtue measures as presented by St. Augustine, Franklin, and Confucius.

Add a list of what you consider to be the 5 most important virtues and 5 worst vices.

This is a formal form of communication, meaning that instant message or text shorthand is not appropriate. Also, please pay attention to spelling and grammar.


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