"Cultural Relativism" by Harry Gensler

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After reading “Cultural Relativism” by Harry Gensler, respond to the following questions concerning
cultural relativism and subjectivism located at the end of the chapter.
Your response to each question should be100 word in length.
What is Gensler’s definition of cultural relativism? 5
What analogies does he use to establish the idea of the relativity of morality?
Can you think of other analogies that might convey cultural relativism’s central idea?
Many people endorse cultural relativism because they think that it naturally supports intolerance
toward the moral standards of different societies. Gensler rejects this thought. Explain how he does
so. and then assess his reasoning.
Can societies make moral mistakes? If so. can cultural relativism allow for that?
What is the correct attitude to have toward one’s own society’s moral norms?
Can cultural relativism support this attitude? Why or why not?

Cultures sometimes disagree about morality. Does this support cultural relativism? Gensler denies
that it does. ls his reasoning plausible?

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