For this assignment you will locate 4 logical fallacies in advertisements-(you can use magazines, journals or commercials). Describe the advertisement and identify where you found the advertisement.
Next, identify the fallacy and then explain how the logical fallacy is used in the advertisement.***Make sure to identify the specific fallacy (For example: Appleal to Fear, Bandwagon, Post Hoc).
You need to make sure to use 4 different advertisements for this assignment though you may locate the same fallacy in more than one advertisment. And write in complete sentences.
You should not use any advertisements from the internet and you should not use Google for this assignment. Please carefully read the chapter and then look for fallacies in Print Sources.
For example:
1 The advertisement is for milk and it was found in Organic Style magazine. The ad features a photo of Brad Pitt holding a glass of milk and sporting a milk mustache. The caption over the photo reads “Drink Milk.”
2 The advertisement implies that everyone, even celebrities like Brad PItt, drinks milk, so you should too.
3 This is a Bandwagon Fallacy because it argues that just because everyone else likes a product, you should too. However, it offers no evidence to support why people should drink milk other than the fact that many people, to include celebrities, do..

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