Criminal Justice

Question: You are a new corrections officer at the Ididit Correctional Facility in Big Rapids, MI. One of your co-workers, Officer Saunders, has been telling you about the divorce he is going through. You have known him for a few months now and have grown to like him. He always talks about his children and appears to be a “family man.” When he tells you about how his wife is going to leave him, he appears to almost break down crying. He tells you that money is tight and even though he has been working around 65 hours a week, at home they barely make ends meet.
The next night, you finish your rounds and sit down with Officer Saunders for a coffee break. You smell the odor of intoxicants on his breath and he appears to be intoxicated. “She left this morning with the kids,” he tells you. “I don’t know what I’m going to do?”
Officer Saunders is a hard worker and has really helped you during your first few months on the job. He is confiding in you about his personal life because he feels you are a friend and can be trusted. The fact that Saunders appears to be intoxicated is against policy, and is dangerous for himself, the staff as well as the inmates.
Using the terminology, explain the different perspectives from everyone involved; and in the conclusion, discuss what your opinion is on the topic.

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