Criminal Justice

State a working title.

Include at least a paragraph explaining the relevance of this topic and what aspect of the topic you wish to discuss.

Briefly explain your approach and the objective of your paper.

For example, if you wish to discuss the history and educational role of al-Azhar university in Cairo, state this clearly as your title.

With regard to the relevance of the topic, point to the status of al-Azhar as the premier university in the Muslim world, past and present,

and its acknowledged role in education. Mention that you wish to look at several works that trace the history of this institution. If

you’re interested in a specific period, mention that as well and explain why you chose this particular period. State what your objective

is. For instance, in this case, you could say that you wish to establish the continuing importance of al-Azhar and the influence it has

exercised and continues to exercise in the field of higher education, religious and secular.

Give an outline of the main points you want to discuss in the body of the paper.

Give an idea of what kind of conclusions you expect to reach.

Include a preliminary bibliography with at least 7 titles. This may include assigned readings from class (no more than three), as well as

short articles in addition to books

Last Updated on February 20, 2018