Are Credit Rating Agencies useful?

Task 1: Are Credit Rating Agencies useful?


Read Benmelech (2017) and Partnoy (2017) and answer the above question based on the authors’ views. Include in your discussion whether or not you agree with the author’s opinions and support any arguments you make with academic literature.

————— —————–

Benmelech, E. (2017) Credit Ratings: Qualitative Versus Quantitative Information, working paper Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management. Available at:  (accessed: 24 August 2017)


Partnoy, F. (2017) What’s (Still) Wrong with Credit Ratings, Washington Law Review, Forthcoming; San Diego Legal Studies Paper No. 17-285. Available at:  (accessed: 24 August 2017)



Can you write this assignment by usingat least other 8 references but these references should have online access.


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