Create three poems, how to write a research paper

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Create three poems, each poem being a different style (i.e. Limerick, Free Verse, Epigram, Ballad, Haiku, Blank Verse, Visual Poetry, Epitaph, Sonnet, Lyric Poetry).

Write a 3-4 page reflection on the process of creating/sharing poetry.

Use appropriate terminology to discuss your poetry; see the “Glossary of Critical and Literary Terms” (1335-62) for definitions of terminology such as, Abstract language, Allegory, Alliteration, Assonance, Couplet, Connotation, Symbols, Rhyme, Rhythm, etc.

Helpful Websites:

“Poetry in Writing Courses” – (Links to an external site.)
“Pattern and Variation in Poetry” – (Links to an external site.)
“Ear Training: Sound and Meter” – (Links to an external site.)
“Eye Training: Visual Patterning” – (Links to an external site.)


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