Computer and Numerical Tools II – Exam 3

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Computer and Numerical Tools II – Exam 3

(Questions on both sides of this page)


1) Find theroots of the function FnMW(x) using the method of your choice except Goal Seek or Solver (16 pts).



2) Integrate the FnMW function in problem 1 from 2.5 to 3.7 (17 pts).







3) Calculate the first and second derivatives of the function in problem 1 at x = 2.5, to within two decimal places of the actual derivatives (16 pts).



4) Calculate the area of the shape below – all units in meters(17 pts).Coordinates are in Excel.

Dashed lines represent curved regions. Use Simpson’s Rule for curved regions where appropriate.









5) Use Newton’s method to find one pair of roots to the following simultaneous equations (17 pts):



6)Find the best fit model parameters,a and b, to calculate the temperatures in Excel. The model is: . Parameter b must be greater than or equal to 10. Which parameter is most sensitive? (17 pts).




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