Restaurant Writing


Directions:  Go to the restaurant of your choice ALONE.  Bring headphones with you, and don’t forget to do your dialogue spying before you being writing!  You are going to write a narrative scene, showing the plot of your choice and using your chosen location as the setting of your piece.  You have complete freedom to decide on the identity of the characters in your story; you can be a character too.  Your challenge is to compose this piece using divine sentences, which means that you must have at least one character AND setting detail in EACH sentence that you craft, and you must use dialogue each time a character speaks.  Write the rough draft on this sheet in your public location.  You must have a typed, final version with you in class that is between 1.5 and 2 full pages (double-spaced, of course) that is stapled in front of your hand-written draft.  Set your imagination free and have fun with this!






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