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Complete Investigation of a Security Breach

Assignment on Complete Investigation of a Security Breach

Talk about the complete outcome of what happened in the latest breach the went along, which will mainly focus on how Equifax could do to help bring back the security and trust of the American people. What are the steps that we can take that will help build the security, that build a strengthen the wall that will prevent Security Breaches.

Complete Investigation of a Security Breach Introduction:

• Brief dialog of what Equifax is and the definition of Cyber Security Breaching.
• What led to the breaching and ways to prevent it
• Help bring back the trustworthy of the people in the World.
• Educating the Company


• Protocols that can be given to help


Today’s technology has far surpassed the ideal mind of what people from hundred years ago, would have imagined it has become today. People from the 50s never relied on technology behold their personal information. As technology has developed people are trusting that the hard earn money and information that controls their everyday life is being secured in a safe place, where no one will behold. As we trust many business with our belongings, It’s a priority that these business, like Equifax has the technology and the Intelligent people to keep it safe.


Adam Shell, “Equifax data breach: Number of victims may never be known”,2017

SeenaGressin, “The Equifax Data Breach: What to Do”, 2017

Kaya Yurieff, “Equifax data breach: What you need to know”, 2017.

Research Component

This course requires a written research paper on a student-selected and instructor-approved information security topic. The student’s work must be original and consist out of a proper synthesis and analysis of different academic and professional sources of information. A quality research paper will examine different sources for material that discusses the same topic. The student will then critically evaluate these source and combine the information into a single, coherent manuscript.

The research paper will have a minimum of 3,000 words. A minimum of 10 citations from academic or practitioner journals/magazines is required. At least 8 of those citations must be less than three years old.


• Lengthy direct quotes. Your research paper is not an exercise in finding a source and verbatim using the same statements.
• Using a single source for each major point.

Be successful by

• Thoroughly finding materials related to your topic and critically evaluating their suitability.
• Develop your own major point by combining statements and facts from different sources.
• Developing a sound introduction, logical flow in the body and a strong conclusion.

Complete Investigation of a Security Breach

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