Compare and contrast essay

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Ronald Takaki and Gail Collins have both developed considerable insights into the collisions of elite society, on one hand, with several lower-status groups, including women, impoverished immigrants, Native Americans, and enslaved Africans, on the other. Each of these collisions involves the themes of race, ethnicity, and gender. In a well-organized essay, please contrast the experiences of racial, ethnic, and gendered groups with as they collided with those in authority, offering specific and clear examples of some of the major events that marked their struggles. Factor in some issues that you have learned about which that were new to you.

For each group, make a few observations about daily life, and discuss the ways in which those who were experiencing conflict about race, ethnicity, and gender proved themselves able to defend themselves while resisting oppression and exploitation.

Concentrate on earlier themes,  such as indentured servants. Please anchor your remarks to the names of specific persons by way of example,  and to specific events,  such as the Amistad mutiny, Bacon’s Rebellion,  the Witch Trials, or Roger WIlliams’ dissent,  or the dissent of the Quakers.

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