Content Analysis


This assignment assesses your ability to critique two culturally divergent global television news services by analysing their online news content.

Your essay must include two samples of page views of each online news service (attached at the end of your paper).

Length: 1200 words.


Carry out a content analysis of Internet television of two reputable news organizations, one Western and one non-Western by studying elements such as language, pictures and headlines in the reporting of a major international event or issue that is covered by both news organisations. The issue could, for instance, be related to politics, business/economics, a conflict, a natural disaster, or a particular person or celebrity. The issue should be important enough that it attracts sustained media coverage.


In selecting your two television networks, ensure that they are comparable (e.g. both are global networks, or both are national-level networks). Students with skills in languages other than English are encouraged to compare an English and non-English language news organisation’s coverage of the same issue, with key references, headlines and quotes translated into English. If you are interested in this inter-lingual option, your tutor and/or convenor can provide further assistance.


Over a 2-week period gather data from each TV news website looking at the news agenda relating to that event or issue. From the data gathered write a comparative analysis of news content focusing on the following questions:


How is the issue or event framed? From what cultural/national perspectives are the stories being reported?

What are the predominant news values?

What sources are used as evidence? Who are the experts quoted? (i.e. their cultural, political or social orientation, whether they are from an elite or non-elite country or group)

Who is the target audience? How do you know?

Your insights and analysis should be supported by examples from the evidence gathered from the TV news websites as well as course readings and other literature.


Include samples of your page views as an appendix for each website (no more than 4 pages).


Examples of global news networks you may choose include:



Al Jazeera




Xinhua News Agency

ABC News World

Submit your analysis and samples as one document to Turnitin.


Students will be assessed on their ability to:


Clearly articulate the aim and method of their research.

Present robust data, using evidence to build an argument.

Draw connections from different forms of evidence.

Structure the essay in a clear, logical and engaging way.

Provide a strong argument through interpretation of data and reference to relevant concepts.

Effectively integrate cited material, with complete and appropriate referencing.

Write clearly, concisely and directly, without spelling or grammatical errors.




This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes:

Demonstrate understanding of key theories and concepts in the study of international television.

Acquire research skills by employing quantitative and qualitative media research methods.

Critically analyse and interpret research data using appropriate framework.

Present written arguments in a coherent form and demonstrate skills in oral presentation

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