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AdvertiseMint Advertising and Marketing College Scholarships Program

Are you a student entrepreneur? Have you ever thought of starting a mobile app or even running your own website? The problem of school fees and a lot of assignments can certainly make you forestall your dreams.

The AdvertiseMint Advertising and Marketing Scholarship plan was formed to support students start businesses while in school by utilizing Facebook advertising.

AdvertiseMint, Facebook advertising company, believes in supporting hardworking, passionate and also talented students to realize their dream of initiating their own business.

Yearly college scholarships amount

The $2,500 financial aid is comprised of the following:

  1. $1,000 tuition fee
  2. $1,000 Facebook Marketing Credits and also
  3. $500 in Free Facebook Agency Services.

Services also include ad account management, video editing, graphic design and also copywriting. Of course, all these help the students’ businesses to become more successful.

Students who win College Scholarships are featured in social media pages and also on AdvertiseMint’s website.

Scholarship submission is due by 31st December.

Winning submissions are selected by 31st January.


  • Students applying should be within the ages of 18 – 25
  • The applicants’ GPA must either be 2.0 or higher
  • An applicant must be a current student of a certified university, college or high school in the United States
  • Only one submission per student.

Process of selection

AdvertiseMint staff are responsible for selection of scholarship winners. Selection is based on attention to details, business idea and also creativity.

How to apply for scholarship

1st Step: Complete Survey

Complete social media survey.

2nd Step: Create a Video Pitch.

Create your video pitch. It must be under 90 seconds and should answer the questions below.

  • What is your business idea?
  • Tell us about your customers?
  • What makes your business better or different?
  • How will your business idea make a positive impact to society?
  • What makes you the best pick for this scholarship?

Upload your video to Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook.

3rd Step: Complete Application

In addition to that, check out the Facebook Blueprint learning program to learn more marketing options available on Instagram and Facebook.

You can also Check Facebook Blueprint certification test.  It is an important plus to any resume.

In conclusion, you can visit AdvertiseMint’s Facebook Advertising Blog. It offers helpful information and short tutorials regarding how to finish particular missions with Facebook advertising.

Follow AdvertiseMint

After you have completed your application, share with friends using social sharing links.

You can also follow AdvertiseMint through social media to make sure that you are the first to know when College Scholarships winners are announced.

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