CNS Case Study

Report topic: Compare and contrast the major symptoms, transmission and occurrence of the acquired prion diseases consisting of kuru, variant CJD and iatrogenic CJD. Select one of these three transmissible prion diseases, and for your chosen disease, describe the underlying biological mechanisms, pathology and diagnosis.


Case reports Each student will prepare an individual report (750 – 800 words). Your report must be prepared individually, written in your own words and be properly referenced. We expect you will use a number of references in preparation of the report. You are welcome to use the references given in the notes but are expected to add more references to support your report. Only use journal articles as your references. (recent years, try to aim for 5 years or less)

Students are to include diagrams/tables to explain concepts covered and to be concise. Your report needs to include a discussion and explanation, and not just read as a list of facts.

Marking Scheme Your report will be assessed on the quality of the content, writing and referencing with respect to the attached marking scheme. Aim for A+ or A.

Last Updated on February 10, 2019