Class: Technical writing

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This assignment will be done using the textbook: Johnson-Sheehan, Richard.  Technical Communication Today, 5th ed. Boston: Pearson Publishing. 2015.

This is the link you can go to use this book:


Assignment 8:

Let’s look at Chapter 14 and 15, which cover research methods. What are your own research methods?   When are interviews appropriate?  How about the scientific method? What do we mean by “empirical?”

How important is the credibility of sources?  What would you do to ensure that your sources are all credible?  What do we mean by “bias?”  How might bias play a role in research done for your chosen field?

(Please note! For this class—and all others—be sure that you do not use Wikipedia or similar sources, which should never be used in academic or professional writing.) 


In many fields, there has been a recent rise in unscrupulous, ill-informed, or overly amateurish “sources” available to the general public that are sometimes assumed to be credible to the untrained eye.  In the medical field, for example, health professionals report that patients have tried unsuccessful (or even dangerous) home treatments based on something read on the Internet.  Are there similar situations in your own chosen field of study?  

And back to Chapter 8!  Check out the Case Study on page 229.  Given our earlier discussions on ethics in the workplace, what do you think should be done?  


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