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Chapter 15 discusses population and factors that lead to population change. Migration is the movement of people from one geographic area to another for the purpose of changing residency. Peer groups, a person’s same-age friends who have similar interests and social positions, have been identified as important sites for secondary socialization. In Couple in Bedroom movie, a young couple, actor and musician, reminisce through vivid photography of their time together before separating and pursuing their dreams of music and film.

Please watch the video and respond to the following questions:

Do you think that a partner who decided to move from one area to another will affect a relationship? How do you support the partner’s dream and deal with the scenario?
Societies with skewed sex ratios tend to be unstable. Please use current U.S. Census to provide sex ratio in the United States, the sex ratio in New Jersey and in Los Angeles. How do you predict population change and interracial relationship in future? Why?
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Book: Sociology in our times by Diana Kendall 10th Edition

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