IBIO Assignment

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WEEK 4: Your reading this week consists of Why We Don’t Believe in Science and The Science of Why We Don’t Believe Science. In Why We Don’t Believe Science, Jonah Lehrer talks about our need to “unlearn” our instincts before we can learn … Continued

Applied Econometrics

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Homework 1 Use STATA to find probability distribution /definition of the expected value, marginal distributions xxxx: Remember use STATA to calculate the problem SW Chapter 2 The following table gives the joint probability distribution between employment status and collegegraduationamongthoseeitheremployedorlookingforworkintheworkingageUSpopulation for … Continued

ERM discussion

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Chapter 18 presented special risk management issues with Blue Wood Chocolates, and chapter 19 presented various financial risks at Kilgore Custom Milling. 1) If Blue Wood Chocolate and Kilgore Custom Milling are to develop a risk management framework, who should … Continued

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