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Please use outline below to construct an assessment and treatment plan on 1 of the primary characters from a film selected below. Just pretend that near the end of the film the character was referred to you for treatment, and everything shown in the film was disclosed to you by the client (movie character).

Assessment: the assessment must gather information pertaining to:
· Client background information

· Patterns and content for drinking

· Level of dependence

· Family background and social support

· Vocational and Financial background information

· Alcohol/addictive behavior related to health problems

· Psychiatric disturbance or co-occurring psychological problems

· Stage of change

· Diagnostic impression

Goal Setting: Discuss the goals for treatment. Include service Tasks or Objectives and how you would measure each of them.

Stages for Action: treatment plan: provide recommendations for treatment based upon the client’s presenting problem(s) and what stage of the change process are they.

Professional Critique: Provide a professional critique and discuss how the recommended treatment plan will improve quality of life factors for each for your case study presented.

Approved films:

Cake (2014) rated R

Don Jon (2013) rated R

Smashed (2012) rated R

Flight (2012) rated R

Thanks for Sharing (2012) rated R

Shame (2011) rated NC-17

The Soloist (2009) rated PG-13

The Wrestler (2008) rated R

Reign Over Me (2007) rated R

28 days (2000) rated PG-13

Rounders (1998) rated R

Basketball Diaries (1995) rated R

When a Man Loves a Woman (1994) rated R

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