Case Scenario Assignment

You will refer to the article by Berlinger,to complete this assignment.

Scenario: A 24-year-old Hispanic female, Ana Perez, presents to the clinic with complaints of pain to her left lateral chest wall on inspiration. Her husband, Juan, accompanies her. She is guarding her left side and does not make eye contact with the nurse. Her husband responds to the nurse’s questions stating that she fell down the stairs two days ago.

1) Consider what you read about approaches to assessment in the Berlinger article and your text.

Why might you be concerned about domestic violence in this case?

How would you go about screening Mrs. Perez for domestic violence? In your response, include the environment, presence of others, approach to screening, and 3 questions specific to Mrs. Perez’s current condition using recommendations from the Abuse Assessment Screen (Jarvis, p. 106) and the Berlinger article?

Even if you do not suspect domestic violence, would it be appropriate to screen Mrs. Perez for domestic violence? Why? Refer to your textbook, Jarvis p. 107.

2) During the physical exam, you observe bruising to the left lateral chest and old and new bruises to the forearms and upper arms. Mrs. Perez denies abuse, but you suspect otherwise. What is an appropriate response? Provide a rationale for your response citing your text or the Berlinger article.

Submit a word document using APA format with your response to the prompts above.


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