Capstone Summary

Final Paper and presentation
Evaluate your team’s success in managing your company. This might be in the
form of a ”Shareholder Debrief” – in other words, how well did you manage the
company for them? Present the Vision Statement that you prepared at the
beginning of the course and discuss how well you achieved the vision you
established for the company. Your analysis should include areas such as:
0 Initial strategy, how the strategy might have evolved over time
0 Analysis of the industry, and competition (SWOT)
0 Description of strategic decisions made, why you made them, how you
implemented them
0 Discuss any changes in strategy over the term of the simulation
0 Assessment of financial situation of company at the end of the simulation
0 Assessment of market/competitive situation at the end of the simulation
0 Discussion of what was learned from strategies/decisions – what worked
well, and what did not
0 Be sure to specifically and correctly analyze the financial position of the
company and the position/standing within the industry
The presentation should be viewed as a formal, professional presentation similar
to what would be presented at an annual shareholders’ meeting or to the
directors of a company. The professional presentation should be presented
without notes or manuscripts. The visual aids (PowerPoint slides) should be clear
and easy to read. The visual aids should enhance the presentation and not be the
presentation itself. Presenters should display professional skills during the
presentation – posture, body language, proper grammar, gestures, volume, etc:
To cover all of the expected areas of company performance, the presentation Will
likely take 20 – 30 minutes. (Most have taken approximately 25 minutes.)

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