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The task is to plan a realistic market launch, from introduction through stabilization of operations. “Launch” applies to the target market where you

want to sell your product. Select a product (not a service), real or imagined, that will be launched in a country other than the U.S. the product may be

produced in the U.S., the target market, or elsewhere. The paper must consist of a business plan and an excel spreadsheet of anticipated cash flows

(expenses and income) with the resulting bottom line (profit or loss) for each year. Also, you must present your analysis and conclusions on the

-The rationale for choosing the product
-The rationale for choosing your target market
-The rationale for choosing the country where the product will be made, including a brief background of the industry in the market, as well as

-The strategy that will be employed to launch the product; items should include entry decisions and intended mode of entry
-The organizational structure selected to support the launch
-Sales, marketing, logistics, cultural, and political aspects
-Financial management considerations for the launch, including foreign currencies, tariffs, and overall foreign market exchange considerations.

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