Business Studies

Business Studies

Assignment 2
The second assignment consists of two activities and relates to the organisation you have chosen for Assignment 1(Coca cola).
1) Practical activity: submission of a working dashboard.
Create the design of a dashboard using one of the tools shown in the practicals (Microsoft PowerBI or Tableau). You should submit the dashboard by saving

the dashboard as a file (*.pbix or *.twbx) and submit that file with your report (see below). Make sure that you use at least one of the new types of

visualisations (not just charts).
Note that most probably you will focus on externally available data as the only data available to you at the moment. Hence the data can be different to

what you have mentioned in Assignment 1.
2) Written activity: explain your dashboard.
Include a screenshot of a dashboard in the report. Add a description of what does it contain and how proposed users can interact with it and use it for

business purposes? What was the approach taken in deciding what to put into the dashboard to demonstrate your understanding of the business’s need? How

often the data will need to be changed (there will always be more data available).
Outline the challenges in developing the dashboard. Provide advice on (a) how the organisation would benefit from more BIA and (b) specific recommendations

on what the organisation could do to make implementation easier (eg: data quality, governance of classifications, etc) – refer to BIA lifecycle. For the

written component, create a report in a similar format to the first assignment addressing the points above.
References should be included in particular for the BI life cycle part.


1.You should consider relevant KPIs and address how proposed dashboard helps to visualise those targets.
2. You should reference BI lifecycle and mention necessary steps in your implementation.
3. The plan needs to be feasible and actionable.
4. You need to specify the roles, responsibilities and purposes of each end user. Why they are relevant?
5. How they benefit from the dashboard? More details are required.
6. The content is generic. Using academic resources to support your arguments.
7. You should clarify the challenges such as data quality and availability, whether choose the right data for visualisation etc.
What does the content really MATTER to your organisation?
8. It is required to have certain descriptions of functionality for proposed dashboard.

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