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General Instructions for Discussion Responses to Classmates

Create a new thread for each posting.

Use correct, complete sentences, in paragraph format, unless otherwise instructed.

Use assigned course materials to complete discussion responses.

Use in-text citations and a Reference List in APA format to cite the course resource(s) used – an in-text citation cannot exist without a corresponding Reference List, and a Reference List cannot exist without a corresponding in-text citation.

Sources to be used!!!

Law for Entrepreneurs, Saylor Academy, 2012

Chapter 20, 21


You and Winnie and Ralph are discussing GC’s plan to hire George Tacy as an agent for recruitment and hiring computer/IT employees. You all recognize the importance of having a clearly defined agency agreement, and there are different types of agents.

  1. Analyze the type of agent Tacy will be, under the contract with GC., i.e.,will Tacy be an employee of GC or an independent contractor? Explain why.


“George Tracy will be an agent-type autonomous contractor. GC’s plan to employ George Tracy in this scenario means that the individual will only employ GC’s computer / IT staff. George Tracy may be working as a multi-company contractor and GC is among its customers. In addition, George Tracy will not pay the business permanently, the contract will only happen if computer / IT staff are required in the business.



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