Business Discussion Questions

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Please answer the following questions in single spaced answers (please include the question verbiage in your response, and do not forget to cite sources as well as references):

  1. Use one of the three models of group development covered in this chapter to explain the life of a team. Give an example at each stage of development of what type of conversations or events may occur.
  2. What elements distinguish teams from groups?
  3. What conditions are necessary for team success (name at least three)? Give two examples of possible barriers to team success.
  4. Leaders consistently report that level of commitment among members is the greatest challenge of working in teams. What are the various types of group commitment, and how does each affect team dynamics?
  5. Describe the differences between task roles, relationship roles, and individual roles. How do relationship roles and task roles contribute to successful teams? What specific roles (i.e. task manager, advocate, etc.) do you think are the most essential to have represented in a team and why?


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