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Discussion 1

Pick one principal difference between oral and written reports. What does this difference mean in terms of how you’d need to adapt a written report for presentation to an audience?

Discussion 2

Discuss why we have difficulty listening well. What can you do to improve your listening skills?

Student’s reply

An obvious difference between an oral and written report is the presentation. More than it being written than verbally spoken, a written report can go into elaborate thought and context. When writing, you put your thoughts into words, and sometimes it makes more sense, and the audience has something as reference if they get confused or lost. Written reports are more formal, but depending on the situation, I think this factor could be beneficial. On the other hand, an oral report helps the audience see where the presentation is coming from. This means they can see the emotional aspects or body language of the report itself, making it more personal. The presenter can also see how the audience reacts when presenting a report.

To adapt a written report for a presentation, I would definitely condense what I am presenting. I would not want to elaborate and take a long time explaining one point like I could do in a written report. I would also try to interact with the audience more to gain their attention and make them feel comfortable with me as the speaker. Lastly, I would remember to look at the audience’s body language to make sure they are understanding what I am saying, and that they agree.

Requirement: I need two totally different short answers for each question (Total 6 answers)

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