BLS 600-Discussion-9/20 Online Class #2

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  1. Read Gudykunst Chapter 3. 
  2. Watch 2 Videos: “A Class Divided 1: The Daring Lesson” and “A Class Divided 2: Day Two”

1)  What were your overall impressions of what you witnessed in the classroom in the video?

2)  What does the children’s behavior say about “group bias” and group attitudes toward “strangers”?

3) What would you have done differently to address issues such as prejudice, bias, and stereotypes?

4) How can we decrease our tendency to engage in the ingroup bias? (for this question, please cite at least one academic source in your answer and use your personal experience if possible.)


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“A Class Divided 1: The Daring Lesson”


A Class Divided 2: Day Two”

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