Blog assignment

Here are the topics and items that you are required to cover in this first blog entry (you can also include any other topics you like in order to introduce yourself). Make sure you cover all 8 items below. There is no word or sentence minimum or maximum for this week’s entry–just write enough to respond to each item:

Give your blog post an interesting title that summarizes what the entry is about
Introduce yourself briefly (2-3 sentences). Feel free to use some of what you write for the “You in Six Words” presentation to help you here.
Describe the last writing (or English) course that you took before 39A–what was the focus? What are the 2 most important things that you learned as a result of being in that class?
Do some self-assessment: where do you think you are as a writer and communicator?

what are your weaknesses–your problem areas? try to be specific here, or tell about a time in a past class or with a particular assignment where you had problems (and reflect on why, or describe what you did to overcome it)
what are some areas you excel in? again, be specific–or tell about a time in a past class when you had great success (and reflect on why)

5. How did you do on the Language and Grammar Diagnostic at Connect? Which types of questions did you have the most problems with? Were there any surprises for you when you looked at your results? Be as specific as possible as your summarize–this is your benchmark, your starting place.

6. To show that you understand the core elements of the course, write a paragraph about the introductory materials you read this week:

2-3 sentences to summarize the syllabus, 2-3 sentences to summarize the course objectives, and 2-3 sentences to summarize the grade contract. Only summarize what you consider to be the main–or most important–elements of each.

7. Somewhere in your entry, correctly use AT LEAST FIVE (5) of the words that you practiced with at for the Week 1 list. Use bold, highlight, or italics to set these words apart in your entry.

8. Use at least one image to make your blog more visually interesting (also, images are a convention of an online blog text). It’s also conventional in websites to use links–so if there are links to other pages on the web that are relevant, use them.


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