Sleep: No longer just for sleeping. Sleep promotes branch-specific formation of dendritic spines after learning

Assignment: Everyone in the class will spend no more than 30 minutes reading the article assigned for the week. Answers to the analysis questions must be typed below the question and brought to class on the day of journal club. Space should be left on each question for notes to be added during the journal club.

Analysis Questions: ✓ What is the experimental background i.e. what was the world like before the authors started this project? What was known before?
✓ What piece of information or method or _____ was missing that this research addresses?
✓ What was the authors’ plan to find this missing piece of information or method or _________?
✓ What techniques did they use? Why would they use this (these) particular technique(s)?
✓ What were their results?



Last Updated on March 10, 2020