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NULL HYPOTHESIS: Domesticated​​ animals​​ do​​ not ​​have ​​any ​​nutritional ​​and ​​economic​​value ​​to ​​humans

ALTERNATIVE HYPOTHESIS: Domesticated​​ animals​​ ​​have ​​nutritional ​​and ​​economic​​value ​​to ​​humans

a. Start the introduction with your original question. You will describe, very briefly, what led you to pose this question, and state your null hypothesis in the first paragraph.

b. You will review the key reports from other authors and cite their work (APA style). This is the focus of the introduction! Summarize your findings using your own words.

c. You will state your alternative hypothesis in the last paragraph. This states what you, as the researcher, would expect to be the outcome of the investigation.

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