There are still birds, plants, fungi, lichen, squirrels, seaweed, and other living things. Your pets, the animals at a pet store, houseplants, insects in your garage, or mold in your compost pile, etc.

Once you have observed a biological system for a while (I suggest you just observe for at least 15 minutes), you will naturally begin to form questions about the organisms in the system. For example, how do the organisms feed, reproduce, and avoid predators? What is the ecological function of the organisms in this system? How do the organisms move? What is their importance to humans? There is no such thing as a bad question, so let your questions flow. If you can, make them something you are actually interested in. Why not?

Find some living things and observe them. Write at least one paragraph about the biological system you are observing.

Write up at least five questions about the living things you are observing.

Restate ONE of those questions into a testable hypothesis. State the null hypothesis and the alternate hypothesis.

Take a picture of the biological system you are observing and attach it to this Assignment.

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