Biography Assignment

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Write a brief biographical report (no more than two (2) pages of your selected individual (choose using the folders of info posted under this assignment on the left-side main menu) using the materials posted as well as materials you find on your own. Please don’t quote or copy Wikipedia, although you can use it as one (1) of your sources. All sources (if you use any other than those provided in the Unit) including Wikipedia (if used) must be informally cited.

Organize your report around the following general themes/sections (focus most of your report on the themes/sections with * notations, please). Most students how are being thorough write about 3 to 4 pages when completing this assignment.

  • Early Life
  • Important Characteristics or Character Traits (i.e. how/why is the person or group special or unique? What can we learn from this person/group about disability?)
  • Significant Events* (i.e. what led to the person becoming an advocate/leader? What important role(s) did the person/group play in changing social, laws, attitudes, etc.)
  • Major Contributions to Advocacy/Disability Rights* (i.e. how were his/her/their actions important at the time, and why are their actions still important to the public and/or disability community today
  • Key Leadership Positions Held*

***For this assignment, just choose one of the leaders/group of leaders. But familiarize yourself the basic information of all of them. We’ll talk about them in class and questions about them will appear on the final exam.


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