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1. The Final Paper should be a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 10 pages (double-spaced), References page in correct APA format.
2. The Final Paper should be suitable for submission at an academic conference, and consist of a deeper exploration 2 +themes and concepts addressed in the course in the 6 sessions of the course and 11 chapters of the assigned textbook and StrengthsFinder 2.0.
3. The paper should extend and/or integrate the literature, and should provide examples that emphasize the linkage between theory and practice. For example, leadership traits and ethics, leadership competencies and application of StengthsFinder 2.0 criteria; translation into a European context and application.
4. One final section to include what elements of leadership you will apply in your professional environment.
5. Paper must approach leadership: described, skills, managerial roles, analysis of leadership theory, theory paradigm, personality traits and leadership trait universality, the big five traits, the personality profile (achievement motivation theory and leader motive profile theory), leadership attitudes (theory X and theory Y), The pygmalion effect, self-concept, how attitudes develop leadership style, ethical leadership, leadership behavior and motivation (leadership styles and the university of Iowa Research), University of Michigan and Ohio (initiating structures and consideration, differences, contribution and application), the leadership grid, leadership and major motivation theories, content motivation theories, process motivation theories, reinforcement theory, all contingency leadership theories, influencing: power, politics, networking, and negotiation, communication, coaching and conflict skills and leader-member exchange and followership

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