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Please have a read through the information provided below and answer the question with relevant references.

Context – I currently do not work as I am overseas with my partner, he works for a Pharmaceutical company of which I am relatively familiar with after using them as the basis of some research for an End of Module Project for another module. I shall try and be as unbiased as I can.

I believe that one of the prime objectives of said organisation is making money – this is evident since they are a South African company who have set up in a country with low corporation tax and have routed all their global sites (or rather those in areas with higher corporation tax) through this office. This means that they do not pay tax in the site country but here in Mauritius – everything from project management, quality assurance and supply chain is based here.

The motivation of being based here is obvious but there are benefits to the global sites that they manage – reasonability and processes are centralised meaning that as a global company they are unified, there are also benefits to the host country Mauritius – expats offer training and experience that cannot be gained here.

As the company focus mainly on generics it would be a safe assumption that making money for Research & Development are not contributing factors to the need to make money, but rather growth and shareholder profits. Of course, there is always the possibility that they desire to make money to branch into research and development of blockbuster drugs and enter into a different market.

Question – Do you feel that money is always a significant contributing factor to an organisations prime objective? Would we be foolish to think otherwise?

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