Balancing the Information Systems Strategy Triangle

The Information Systems Strategy Triangle includes Business Strategy, Organizational Strategy and IS Strategy. You should write a 4-7 page, doubled-spaced paper, in 12-point Times New Roman type, that addresses the questions listed below for the scenario you choose.
Be sure to list any sources you use (beyond the textbook, IT Savvy, and your own experience) in a references section at the end of the project and cite the sources in the body of the paper.
The key is to show that you are able to draw from relevant materials, and there is a lot of material that you can draw upon:
The IS triangle
Michael Porter’s model/three strategies for achieving competitive advantage
Dynamic strategies we discussed (hypercompetition, destroy your own business,
Organizational strategy frameworks (business diamond, managerial leveler)
IS strategy matrix
Strategic Alignment Model (Henderson and Venkatraman)
What would IT savvy firm do?
Competitive Forces model
Value Chain of the firm
Resource-based view
Strategic Alliances
Other articles included in the reading assignments for this course


Pretend you have been hired as a consultant to USI President Linda Bennett. She is feeling pressure from the Governor and the Commission on Higher Education to see USI have more online offerings. And, she understands the competitive landscape and realizes that all universities seem to be moving toward more online offerings – especially in graduate education. In fact, some schools are offering entire programs online where students never come to campus. As the CEO of the university, she must consider the needs and desires of students and the offerings of the competition as she crafts a long term strategy. As she toils with long term plans, she clearly realizes that in the short term, she must at least move the university toward more online offerings – in every college and every program.
She realizes that this represents a major change for administration, for staff, for faculty and for students. She has hired you to help her “keep the triangle balanced!” Using the materials in this module (and any other material you choose), write a paper that describes how the triangle areas will change and/or will need to change as the university moves from a traditional “face to face” delivery model to one where at least some of the classes are online. What should she be considering? Concerned about? Changing?, etc.?
Your work should address changes to the triangle as you consider possible/necessary changes to the multiple constituencies listed above (staff, admin, faculty, students) as the university leverages its resources and capabilities to offer online education.

In summary, your Project should address the following questions:
How will each of USI’s IS Strategy Triangle areas (business strategy, organizational strategy, information strategy) have to change?
What should she be concerned about?
How will these changes affect each of the following constituents–staff, administration, faculty, students?

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