Assignment 2 – Emoƭon and the Workplace

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For this assignment, choose one of the two options below:

Option one

Review the following Ted Talk about the relationship between technology and emotion. The speaker
discusses how emotional enabled technology can be used in communication and education. In a 600 word
essay, explore the potential benefits and risks of this technology. Toward the end of the presentation the
speaker asks the audience to be part of the conversation. What ideas or thoughts about this technology can
you bring to the conversation? Will allowing technology to track and express your emotions help you or hurt
you in your workplace? Why?
Rana el Kaliouby
This app knows how you feel — from the look on your faceIf you cannot view this video, please click on this link
( .

Option two

In the following talk, Spencer Greenberg discusses the relationship between reason and emotion and how
each can present barriers. He also discusses how each can assist us with decision making. In a 600 word
essay, use specific points presented in the talk to explore the relationship between emotion and reason by
answering the following questions: How can our emotions enhance our ability to reason? In what ways does
our ability to reason help us to process and utilize our emotions? Finally, what strategies can you use to
balance reason and emotion and how would achieving this balance help you in making decisions in your
personal life and in the workplace?



APA format
A title page
One-inch margins
12-point font, double-spaced
500 Words
A reference page
Include sources, and be sure to cite them in the body of the paper and include them on the reference
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