Assessment 1: Information on the INNOVATION REPORT

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Report Task

Select an enterprise that you perceive innovates well.– BMWCOMPANY.

Deliver a 2000 word report which applies the following academic theories to the strategy and context of innovation at that organisation.

  1. Innovation space: Map and critique the innovation space of the organisation setting out existing practice (i.e. outputs/outcomes).
  2. The current aspect ofinnovation: Map and critique their current aspect of innovation and in particular substantiate how you perceive they came to innovate in this way.
  3. Organisational innovation capability: Identify and critique the innovation capability of the organisations (refer to archetypes, behaviours and capabilities here) and justify their future potential for innovation.
  4. Make recommendations for the innovation strategy of the organisation for the next 5-10 years and in your answer you should demonstrate an awareness of the organisational context.


Key Points

  1. Individual Work

You should work individually on this report.


  1. Research approach

You may find the required information on the organization via secondary/desk (i.e. web, journal articles) research. It is preferable, but not compulsory, if this can be verified by primary research. Ultimately, you must provide evidence to support the critical discussion in your report. English language sources are preferable, non-English sources are acceptable as long as a translation of the reference is provided.


  1. Writing the Report

Write up your work in a report format.  Your report should explicitly includeall the items listed in the marking schedule below.  It should be a maximum2,000 words in length, plus or minus 10% (i.e. 1,800 to 2,200).

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Please note that you are also graded on the extent of your individual, independent research as a postgraduate student as it relates to this report. This will manifest itself in the use of in-text citations that go beyond the basic readings presented by your lecturer. You must do academic research to apply these theories to the organisations practices.

The word count excludes the following: references, appendices, contents, tables (within reason!), figures and executive summary (to a maximum of 500 words). Please include the word count on the title page. A report that exceeds the word limit given will be capped per University regulations at a P1.


  1. Suggested report structure
  • Cover Page
  • Executive summary
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Analysis
    1. Innovation map
    2. Aspect of innovation
    3. Innovation capability
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusions/summary
  • References
  • Turnitin report (hardcopy only)


  1. Report format
  • Front cover includes: module title and number, matriculation number, word count, report title
  • Hardcopy criteria: staple all papers together (do not submit in a folder), attach the cover sheet to the front (cover sheet found at box at 1.53), attach the Turnitin report to the very back
  • Layout: 1.5 spacing, clear font (e.g. arial), font size 12, pages are numbered

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Report length – Assignment 1

  1. Individual Report
  2. Between 1500 to 2000 words
  3. References and Appendices are not included in the word count

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