Assess Your Diet with Canada’s Food Guide

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NUTR 1100 – Assignment 1A

Assess Your Diet with Canada’s Food Guide




  1. There is a worksheet given in the Assignment tool.   On the table given there, write down everything you eat and drink for one day.
    1. Tips
      1. The day:
  • Select a day you are able to eat normally e. not sick, have time
  • Representative of whatever your normal looks like – school/work/recreation
  • It will be easier to do if it’s a day when you prepare your own foods, rather than eating at restaurant, or at someone else’s home. However, if your normal means one of these… then that’s what you’ll have to do.
    1. The food:
      • Be specific:
        • 2% milk
        • Extra large eggs
        • Rye, Whole wheat, white or 8 grain bread
      • Include the amount (VERY IMPORTANT) – Use volume measures
        • 2 L water
        • 125 ml kernel corn
        • 250 ml lettuce
        • 60 ml almonds
      • Include condiments, spices, sauces & spreads
      • Include beverages
      • Remember all your snacks.



  1. Using Canada’s Food Guide ) Determine a good group for each item. Note that some items may be considered “Foods to Limit” and some foods may not fit into any of these…. i.e. spices.
    1. The foods to limit is on that back page of Canada’s Food Guide – in the Purple rectangle labeled “Eat Well”
    2. See Resources (below) if you need help determine which foods are in each food group ..Choosing Foods
    3. Using the quantity you’ve consumed determine how many serving each item is
      1. Round to 1 decimal place.
    4. Add up your totals



See the example below:


Meal Time Food or beverage consumed Amount consumed Canada Food Guide Volume of free liquid
Veg & Fruit Grain Products Milk & Alt. Meat& alts Limited food No group
Breakfast 7 am White bread 1 slice 1
Crunchy Peanut Butter 2 Tbsp (30 ml) 1
At school 8:29 StarbucksVenti Coffee 590 ml x 590 ml
Milk 3 Tbsp (45 ml) 0.2
Sugar 3 tsp x x
Fruit & Nut Granola Bar



  1. Answer the questions on the worksheet
  2. Submit file to Assignment tool



Canada’s Food Guides –

Choosing Foods Health Canada –

2019 Canada’s Food Guide:

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