Article Summary

 Article Summary

evidence-based practice and Journal article important. We have completed our learnings on occupation-based models and will now focus on learning frames of references.

 Choose an article must be from a peer reviewed journal and contain some type of statistical data (i.e., p score/value) and must relate to some form of (occupational Therapy) OT intervention technique or strategy. It must be relevant to a treatment you are currently doing in your occupational therapy role. This can be a qualitative or quantitative study but not a systematic review. You will summarize the article.  

The summary must include:  The correct APA citation, an overview of the article, and a summary of what the information means to a new (Occupational Therapy) OT in practice.  The summary MUST be only 1 page, double spaced, no more than 1-inch margins.  You must submit the summary with a copy of the article.

 Please use these websites to find  the article

  • Peer-reviewed articles, for example, AJOT
  • org websites
  • Google Scholar
  • AOTA



Last Updated on March 16, 2018