Article Review

Tansley, C. and Tietze, S. (2013) ‘Rites of passage through talent management progressions stages: an identity work perspective’, The International Journal of Human Resource Management 24(9): 1799—1815.

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Word limit: 1000 words


Further Guidance for Students:

How to read the article for the purposes of this assignment

To understand and be able to summarise and evaluate the article you need to read the article several times, highlighting the core points and making notes. When reading the article, you need to consider the study presented in the article in the light of the four core components of research in management studies, namely, epistemology, theory, methods, and ethics.

What does an article review entail?

Your review should

1. Identify the research question(s) addressed by the study.

2. Outline the theoretical framework underpinning the study.

3. Describe the research design and methods of data collection and analysis used by the authors to investigate the question.

4. Summarize the results of the study and assess the author(s)’ contribution to knowledge.

5. Critically examine the study. Here you may consider the following issues:

a. Were the research questions interesting, original, and significant?

b. Could there be other ways to explore the research questions?

c. Did the study results help to answer the question?

d. What are the limitations of the study? (When considering the limitations, please, do not rehearse the limitations already noted by the author(s) in the article, but try to identify other limitations, from your point of view.)

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