Article Critique

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  1. Marcovecchio, M. L., Chiesa, S. T., Bond, S., Daneman, D., Dawson, S., Donaghue, K. C., & Jones, T. W. (2017). Ace inhibitors and satins in adolescents with type 1 diabetes. The New England Journal of Medicine, 377, 1733-1745. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa1703518
  2. Critique the above article according to following guidelines:
    1. Overview of current therapy. What is currently being done? Is the intervention being studied new or something that is already being used? If it’s new, what’s different about it? How might it improve therapeutic treatment? What is already known about the treatment?
    2. Analysis of the study. What type of study was this and how were the patients selected? How was the study groups defined? How was efficacy assessed? What were the strengths of the trial? How did the intervention work in the trial? Were there any adverse events that we should be concerned about? Were there any design issues that might influence the results? Were the results expressed in terms we care about and can use?
    3. Discuss how the new findings change current therapy. Are the patients studied similar to those you see in practice? Do the results force you to change your practice and how?
    4. Apply the findings to a case study of your choosing. Some of the questions that you should consider when applying the results to your case might include: How do the symptoms of your case study fit? Is your patient a good candidate for the new treatment? Does anything in your patient’s history contraindicate treatment with the new therapy? How does your case study differ from the typical subject in the trial study? Would you start your case study patient on the new treatment – why or why not?
  3. The article review should be written using APA style.
  4. please refer to the attached example


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