Analyzing the symbol of the river in Siddhartha

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Write an essay analyzing the symbol of the river in Siddhartha. Below are some suggested areas you might consider.

OM Middle path Thirst

Unity Samsara Descent

Inner voice Change/impermanence Timelessness


Divide your essay into 4 to 6 paragraphs. Focus each paragraph around on one symbolic aspect. State that aspect in the first sentence of each paragraph.

1.) No introduction or conclusion. Begin your essay with a sentence that introduces the first paragraph topic.

2.) No summarizing. Assume the reader knows the story quite well and does not need to be told what happened. Instead, when referring to an event, simply mention it briefly.

3.) Analyze. To analyze a novel means to interpret the meaning of characters, symbols, and events. If asked to summarize a dream, you would retell it. If asked to analyze the dream you would say what the different parts mean. Keep your discussion closely tied to the book, but feel free to speculate in insightful ways.

4.) Quote. Include short, relevant quotes in all paragraphs that support your analysis. Discuss quotes to draw out their deeper meanings. Give page numbers in parentheses after all quotes from the Rosner translation, like so: (67).

5.) Revise out wordiness. Make room for more detailed, in-depth analysis.

6.) Do not consult outside sources. The essay is to be entirely your own interpretation.


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