Analysis of family dynamics

Scholarly Paper on Family Health

Assignment Objectives:

  1. To increase understanding of the relational impacts of illness on multiple family members, and family relationships (subsystems).
  2. To apply family lifecycle development theory to the family illness narrative depicted in “Marvin’s Room.”
  3. To critically explore a family’s illness narrative, including key aspects of illness suffering, strength, and growth, based on course concepts.


Paper Format

The paper is to be 8 pages. The paper is to be double spaced and it is to be written using APA 6th ed. formatting. Students are to include 4 scholarly references. 300 word Abstract including thesis statement.


Please watch this video carefully to complete this assignment.

Analysis of family dynamics in the context of serious illness as depicted in the movie “Marvin’s Room.” Can be viewed on-line at:

Specific Content of the Scholarly Paper: The following specific components must be addressed within the context of the paper.

  1. a) Relational Impacts of Illness: After viewing the movie, “Marvin’s Room”, discuss three

relational impacts Bessie’s diagnosis of leukemia had on this family. Complete a family

genogram (Wright &Leahey, 2009) based on the characters within the movie (estimate the

family members’ ages). Include the genogram as an appendix in the paper. Refer to the

genogram in your discussion related to the relational impacts of this illness on family life.

  1. b) Family Lifecycle Development: Identify the family lifecycle stage(s) for the following family group – Lee, Hank and Charlie. What are the key psychosocial challenges families in this

lifecycle stage face? What are the unique challenges facing Lee, Hank, and Charlie? Within

your discussion, articulate the influence that Bessie’s illness has on this family’s lifecycle stage


  1. c) Who is suffering the most in this family? Identify and discuss which family member you

believe suffers the most in relation to Bessie’s illness. Provide a clear rationale for your

choice, and discuss the family relationship(s) that has/have had the greatest impact on that

family member’s suffering.

  1. d) Family Strengths and Growth: Identify and discuss one family strength and one experience

of growth portrayed in the movie. Discuss the identified strength and experience of growth from

a relational perspective. Imagine you are a nurse working with this family, and develop a

commendation for one or more family member(s) based on the family strength or experience

of growth that you have discussed.


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In the conclusion of the paper, discuss how this assignment will impact your future nursing practice.

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