American Values Thesis-Driven Essay

Thesis-Driven Essay on American Values

In 2017, we are living in what many people have called a “divided America.”  Political views and ethical positions seem to have split along radically divided lines.  Civil discourse appears to have gone the way of the dodo, and vituperative tweets and social media posts gain more news coverage than clearly reasoned, compassionate discussion.

American Values and Assumptions

Currently, two issues have arisen that are focused on free speech and American identity.  In one, NFL players are taking a knee during the National Anthem to protest police brutality, which has caused citizens and pundits alike to claim that athletes should stay out of politics or to cheer them on for exercising their First Amendment rights.

In the other, calls to remove Confederate statues and symbols as racist relics of white supremacy are clashing with claims that removing the statues and symbols is an attack on Southern identity.  In fact, symbols and statues for many historic figures beyond the Confederacy—including Christopher Columbus and Woodrow Wilson—are now being considered for removal.

In a diverse country where both free speech and pride in one’s identity are a bedrock of our culture, what is an appropriate response?  Should we take sides? Should we keep our heads down and our mouths shut? Should we refuse to listen to those whose views differ from ours?  Should we try to find common ground to forge a new path that benefits everyone?

American Revolution Essay

For this assignment, you will write a thesis-driven essay that responds to one of the following prompts:


  1. To what extent do NFL players—or any professional athlete, for that matter—have a right to take a public political stance?


  1. What should be done with Confederate statues and symbols?


Your essay should be three to five pages long.  For this essay, you must include at least two reliable sources, each from a differing viewpoint, that you will use to provide background or support for your position or as a position that you will refute.

You will document your sources using 8th edition MLA guidelines, and will follow our regular format rules: one-inch margins, twelve-point font, double-spaced, last name and current page number in the upper-right corner, etc.

American Values thesis-driven Essay

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