American Government Mod#21

American Government Mod#21 Textbook

Page 462 # 2 -5

What is the difference between a progressive tax and a regressive tax?

Payroll taxes support which three major social welfare programs?

What are the four constitutional limitations on the power to tax?  What is the one implied limitation that power?

Demonstrate Reasoned Judgment:  Which do you think is more air, a direct or an indirect tax?  Explain

Page 466 # 2-5

What is the difference between an annual deficit and the public debt?

How does the Federal Government borrow money?  Why can it do so at a lower interest rate than can private borrowers?

How could the Federal Government create a budget surplus?

Do you think deficit financing is an acceptable method to fund the Federal Government?  Explain why or why not?

Page 471 #3-6

Why is controllable spending sometimes referred to as “discretionary spending”?

What is the purpose of a continuing resolution?

Describe the basic steps involved in creating the federal budget?

What programs do you think are considered high priorities by most Americans?  How are these priorities taken into account during the creation of the federal budget?

Page 476 #2-5

What is the gross domestic product?

What is the difference between inflation and deflation?

How can the use of fiscal policy and monetary policy influence the overall national economy?

What are the three main economic goals the government aims to achieve?  Why do you think these goals are critical to a healthy economy?

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