Activity 3: Submission: Summarizing

Activity 3: Submission: Summarizing (GRADED)

Summaries* To summarize is to write the main idea of a passage by creating a topic sentence and supporting the topic sentence with only the most important details from the text.  are used for longer passages; they provide a concise, holistic overview of the source’s meaning, using new and unique phrasing. The purpose of summaries is to provide basic context of a source but not to go into explicit detail.

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As you work on your summary, remember to refer to the assignment guidelines and rubric (click here) to make sure you’re fulfilling each aspect of the assignment. You can also download/print the rubric.


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Given the original text, summarize the source in a paragraph of 5-8 sentences:

Kirkpatrick, David D. “Saudis Expand Regional Power as Others Falter.” New York Times, 25 January 2015,

Click here to read the article online.

In your summary, you should paraphrase the article without including direct quotes. However, you should also include at least one in-text citation since the ideas are not original.

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