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In this assignment, you should view yourself as a consultant hired by a major donor. The donor is considering making a significant financial contribution to a non-profit organization and is seeking advice from you as a consultant on the financial position of the organization. Your task is to write a report assessing the fiscal condition of the organization.
Select a non-profit organization of your choice and obtain the financial data of the non-profit organization selected. While the main focus of the analysis should be on the financial indicators, you should also consider other non-financial factors in your overall analysis. As a guide, you can refer to the standards for charity accountability published by the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance. It is important to stress that while these standards are useful guidelines the report should be about your analysis of the organization rather than about gathering data from an external source. You should attempt to verify all financial data when using data from external sources. Sources of external data include the Better Business Bureau, Wise Giving Alliance, Guidestar & Charity Navigator.

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