There are those who would argue that the US has become too dependent on global economic systems and we are vulnerable to world events beyond our control. Others have the opposite point of view. That it is because of our global competitiveness that we are protected and diversified. I think you will find website fascinating and a wealth of information.
Write complete an assignment choose Asia country and so some research using the website listed below and any others you may find. Report back on the outlook for international business opportunities. What in your research surprised you. What cultural advise would you give to a first time visitor who is interested in doing business in that country?
Finally, conclude your response by answering the questions listed below.

In addition to your countries profile answer the following questions:

1. Has global business improved the standard of living in America?

2. Have all members of our society benefited equally? Have middle class citizens benefited from the global economy as much as the upper class?

3. What about the rest of the world? Has shipping labor overseas benefited the workers in under developed nations? Use personal beliefs, web links and the text to support your opinions.

4. If you work, does your company engage in international business. If so how? Are there any opportunities you feel they should be capitalizing on.
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