Anthony, R., Hawkins, D., Merchant, K.A. (2011) Accounting: Texts and Cases (13th edition). McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Chapter 23 & 24
Please write 3 pages annotated bibliography and 3 pages case study

Please create an annotated bibliography for the Case 23.2 Industrial Electronics, Inc.
Search for the following concepts when looking for appropriate resources:
Management control systems
Incentive compensation systems
Management by Objectives
Controllable versus uncontrollable costs

General guidelines for completing this assignment:

A minimum of three relevant and credible sources that can be used to support the concepts discussed in the case.
APA formatted annotated bibliography.
Develop a three paragraph response for each resource:
The first paragraph provides a brief summary of the author’s purpose, covering the main points of the work.
The second paragraph points out the strengths and evaluates its methods and presentation.
The third reflects on how the source may be used for the case study.
Each cited source needs to be specifically linked to the concepts in the case. Please do not cite random sources.

Case Study Assessment

Please complete the following from the textbook:
Case 23.2 Industrial Electronics, Inc.
This case has been selected to give you experience in using cost accounting as the basis of a compensation system. You will have to evaluate an existing system, a proposed system, and comment on the strengths and weakness of each. Using this information, you will be required to recommend what you think is the best system for Industrial Electronics.
Identify the specific weaknesses of the old system
Identify the specific strengths of the new system, and how they address known problems of the previous system
State clearly what the bonus pool would be for each of the divisions
Explain how the proposed changes would improve the decisions made by division managers
Use the numbers in the case to support all of your claims
Please do not respond with a question and answer format; however, you can use the questions at the end of the case as a guide.

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