The paper must be a minimum of 3 pages, double spaced with no more than 1” margins and type font of no larger than 12.


Write the paper as a narrative and not as a series of questions and answers.


Attachments to show organization charts or forms and tables are desirable, but do not count as part of the 3 page requirement.


 For each day late, 3 points will be taken off of the paper’s grade.


Choose one (1) from out of he following three (3) topics. (or see me if you have something else in mind).


(1)       Investor Decision Making

Purpose: To expose students to the use of financial and non-financial information by investors.


Assignment: Interview an analyst or someone who invests in stocks. Address the following:


  1. a) What industries or types of companies does the person follow most closely?
  2. b) What sources of information are used when a company is evaluated? Are the financial

statements the most important source of information?

  1. c) What steps or tools are used when a company’s financial statements are examined?
  2. Is there one financial statement that is most important?
  3. How does ethics play a part of the job?


Based on the results of the interview, prepare a three‑page (exclusive of attachments) report on your findings.


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