A Serious Man

In a post of 2-3 paragraphs, first, discuss your general reaction to the film A Serious Man by the Coen Brothers; e.g., what did you find interesting, compelling, confusing, effective, ineffective, etc.? How would you describe the style of the film (it has many typical Coen brother features, such as camera angle, music, misdirection, abrupt cuts)? Is it a comedy, a tragedy, a tragi-comedy? Type of thing. Consult at least two reviews of the film (see, e.g., Metacritic); you needn’t report on them, but if you find something helpful in them, feel free to allude to them.
Second, to what extent do you think the film represents a reading of the book of Job, and/or addresses some of the same questions? What are some points of connection between the two? Where do they diverge? Find a passage or verse in Job that you think is reflected in some way in the film—a character, an event, etc.—and describe the connection you see.

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